When You Want To Pursue Your Claim Outside Of The Courtroom

Cokinos | Young provides a full range of services in the Alternative Dispute Resolution arena. Our lawyers have significant experience in prosecuting and defending claims in the most common forms of ADR:

Arbitration – an alternative to litigation in which an arbitrator or a panel of arbitrators listen to the positions of the disputing parties in a relatively informal proceeding and then issue a decision on how the situation should be resolved.
Mediation – a disinterested third party tries to help the interested parties reach a settlement that resolves their dispute.
Other methods, including fast track arbitration, baseball and hi-low arbitration, summary jury trials, and med-arb and arb-med.
Representative areas of experience include cases involving commercial, industrial (onshore and offshore), residential and highway construction, employment, real estate, lender liability, commercial fraud, deceptive trade practices, intellectual property, contract issues, personal injury and insurance coverage.

There Is No Substitute For Experience

Several of the firm’s members are nationally known mediators and arbitrators, providing ADR services as the neutral. In this area, there is no substitute for experience. Close ties with national organizations such as the American Arbitration Association keep the firm in the forefront of new advances in the field. Attorneys at Cokinos | Young continue to act as national trainers in the ADR field, and are sought after speakers at local and national seminars, as well as published authors on the topic. Firm members also have experience in promulgating ADR systems and methodology in businesses and in contractual relations. Being able to structure the nature and extent of specific ADR methods puts our clients in the best position to get the most out of ADR processes within their stated goals and risk tolerances. Whether searching to advance or defend a claim, to resolve a dispute as economically as possible, or to adopt a policy involving methods of Alternative Dispute Resolution, the practical experience of Cokinos | Young adds significant value for our clients.

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