Make Your Brand Unbreakable

What do I do if I get a cease and desist letter? Can I use this as my business name?  Someone opened up a business right next door and copied my name, what can I do? Do I have options if an employee takes my data to a competitor?  Has anyone ever thought of this product before? Do I need a lawyer for this? These are questions all business owners, small and large, will have to face at some point.

Intellectual Property is arguably the most valuable resource that businesses use to connect with and keep, their customers. Oftentimes, a customer’s first impression of a business it with that business’s logo, slogan, trademark, or design. And from children to adults alike, people recognize these intellectual properties as symbols of a business they know they can trust.  

At Cokinos | Young, we understand the value of intellectual property and the hard work it takes to create it. That’s why Cokinos | Young’s team of intellectual property lawyers are dedicated to ensuring our clients’ ideas and technologies are protected under the law. We pride ourselves on our experience, our innovation, and, most importantly, our client’s satisfaction. From registration to management and enforcement, Cokinos | Young’s intellectual property group is here to counsel businesses through every step of the intellectual property process to ensure that your hard work stays your hard work. In short, we want to Make Your Brand Unbreakable.


Our trademark practice focuses on providing clients a comprehensive, individualized strategy to establish and protect our client’s brands. Our trademark protection program includes meticulous clearance and availability searches, registrability and potential conflicts analysis, registration, enforcement, and litigation. Our intellectual property team has handled hundreds of trademark registrations and prosecutions with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and on the state level, for diverse businesses of all sizes. We rely on our extensive experience to anticipate potential issues and develop innovative, successful solutions.

From the largest multinational corporations to brand-new emerging startups, one thing that does not change is our attention to detail, our penchant for success, and our dedication to protecting your trademarks.


When you have invested time to create original work, it deserves to be protected. Our copyright attorneys will protect and maximize the value of our client’s work.


Securing a valid and enforceable patent is essential to minimize the potential for litigation. Our attorneys provide strategic counseling to help you navigate every step of the patent prosecution process.


Cokinos | Young can not only secure these rights but defend them if they’re threatened in litigation.

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