October 31

When Is Alternative Dispute Resolution Needed?

No one really wants to go to court for something they can settle in an informal setting. Before launching a full-scale lawsuit, it's sometimes a...

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September 29

The 7 Most Common Construction Accidents

Every year, thousands of construction workers are hurt on the job. Construction work is physically demanding and can be dangerous if safety protocols aren’t followed....

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September 12

What Does a Telecommunication Lawyer Do?

In today’s digital world, telecommunications lawyers help clients address issues related to telecommunication services. Understanding the various legal implications of using telephones, cell phones, and...

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September 09

Do I Need A Bankruptcy Attorney?

Are you unable to repay your loans, credit card debt, or mortgage installments on time? Are you avoiding phone calls from debt collectors because of...

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August 24

Clarity at Last on the Texas Anti-Indemnity Act By Travis Brown

After a decade of silence from the courts, which questions have now been answered, and which still remain? Travis Brown, Principal in our Dallas/Fort Worth...

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July 13

The OSHA Incident Investigation Best Practices: Before, During, and After an OSHA Investigation

Safety affects the bottom line of a company’s operations. On average, employers will spend $120,00 on each workplace injury. A company must create a response...

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June 10

Ten Years of the Texas Anti-Indemnity Act By Travis Brown

Travis Brown, Principal in our Dallas/Fort Worth Office, presented "Ten Years of the Texas Anti-Indemnity Act: Where are we and where are we going?" to...

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September 08

Court Ruling on Pipeline Dispute Warns Contractors Against Using Work Stoppages to Gain the Upper Hand in Negotiations

Real Clear Energy’s recent article focuses on the case U.S. Pipeline, Inc. v. Rover Pipeline, LLC in which Cokinos | Young successfully defended Energy Transfer...

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August 02

The Good, The Dangerous, and The Unknown: Three Recent Employment Law Updates for Texas Employers

Between a change in power at the White House and a new Legislative Session in Texas, significant changes in employment law for companies here in...

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April 23

Copyright Trolling: Are you getting accused of copyright images? Hold off before you pay up.

Recently, we have received numerous concerns from clients in regards to copyright infringement due to images posted on their webpages or blogs. Law firms will...

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