Working With The Government

Doing business with the hundreds of agencies of the federal government is a complicated market unlike any other, a market that presents unique challenges even to the most experienced federal contractors.  The extensive regulations that apply to that market are always changing.  The Government Contracts team at Cokinos | Young have devoted their careers to understanding and keeping pace with those challenges and changes.  They have assisted contractors large and small in every stage of the contract process from qualifying to business with the federal government, winning and keeping contracts in the bid protest process, navigating regulatory compliance during performance, and when necessary litigating with the federal government to make sure the government lives up to its contractual obligations

We have extensive experience and proven skill with:

  • Bid Protests
  • Teaming agreements, joint venture agreements and mentor-protégé Agreements
  • Miller Act bond claim litigation
  • Service Contract Act and Davis-Bacon Act Compliance
  • Contract claims
  • False Claims Act Qui Tam Litigation

Together the Cokinos | Young Government Contracts team has more than 50 years of combined experience in federal government contract law with both civilian and military contracting agencies, and that experience continues to grow.  Let us be the competitive advantage that helps you outperform your competitors in this unique space.

Our Attorneys Who Specialize in Government Contracts

  • All
  • Austin
  • California
  • Dallas | Fort Worth
  • Houston
  • New Jersey/New York
  • San Antonio

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