Because Not All Decisions Are Final, Tenacity Pays Dividends

The Appeals and Legal Issues Group in Cokinos | Young works hand-in-hand with our litigation team to provide clients with thorough representation during all stages of litigation. But they also attract national appellate business in complex cases from outside the firm. They also are called upon to draft persuasive amicus briefs to courts throughout America in support of cases of cutting-edge issues.

Our practitioners handle civil appellate matters covering all types of commercial and business litigation, whether contractual or transactional, employment, energy, business tort, personal-injury, and surety disputes. When necessary, they involve other members of the firm for substantive advice in matters such as real estate, insurance, bankruptcy, or securities. And, like all the firm’s lawyers, our group has particular experience regarding legal issues arising in construction litigation.

Our group includes dedicated appellate attorneys who focus their practice on representation before appeals courts nationwide. But they’re not merely academics; most learned their craft by first fighting tenaciously in the trial courts as trial lawyers before specializing in appeals. That courtroom experience in fighting for our clients sets Cokinos | Young’s appellate lawyers apart from the rest.

Working Hand-In-Hand With The Litigation Team

Cokinos | Young appellate lawyers work from the premise that appellate matters must be considered throughout the litigation process to fully protect clients’ interests and to hold down costs. Early involvement pays dividends. So our appellate counsel routinely advise and consult with trial counsel throughout the development of a lawsuit to preserve error and identify the controlling issues for appeal. Appellate attorneys especially contribute to handling the purely legal issues that arise during any trial, including pre-trial motions, privilege disputes, jurisdictional challenges, petitions for writ of mandamus, research on critical evidentiary issues, and the court’s charge to the jury. Cokinos | Young’s appellate attorneys also bring crucial advice to the strategic decisions made throughout litigation.

Once a matter reaches the appellate process, we target key issues from a fresh perspective, frame them in persuasive appellate briefs, and maximize the unique aspects of appellate oral advocacy in an era of hot courts and short time allotments.

For matters tried by other firms, our attorneys are used to reviewing an unfamiliar case and preparing winning appellate arguments. And when a case is remanded for a new trial, our clients save costs because the Cokinos | Young trial team can then pick up the file without our clients having to bring another firm up to speed.

Cokinos | Young appellate lawyers have a proven track record of success in adding value to our litigation practice, securing favorable decisions for our clients, and tenaciously representing our clients’ positions in the crucible of legal disputes.

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