May 26

Understanding Texas Construction Lien Laws: A Comprehensive Guide for Contractors and Property Owners in Houston

As a contractor or property owner in Houston, Texas, it is essential to understand the state’s construction lien laws. These laws protect contractors and suppliers…

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April 26

The Role of Construction Lawyers in Houston, Texas: How They Can Help Protect Your Interests

Image source Houston, Texas, is experiencing a significant surge in construction projects as the city continues to grow. With this growth comes a corresponding increase…

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April 24

Navigating the Complexities of Construction Law in Houston: Why Hiring a Lawyer Is Critical for Success

Image via Unsplash from benallan Construction projects often involve numerous elements, teams, and stakeholders working together to complete a project according to strict timelines, budgets,…

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April 19

Cokinos | Young Trial Advocacy Program

At Cokinos | Young, providing training to our attorneys that equips them with the level of trial advocacy skills required to champion our client’s cases…

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February 23

What do Commercial Litigation Attorneys Do?

When you’re in need of a lawyer or legal team, it’s important that you hire the right one. You’ll want a lawyer that practices the…

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February 18

How to Find the Best Construction Lawyer in Houston, TX

If you’re the owner of a construction business in the Houston area, there may come a time when you need to hire a construction lawyer….

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February 15

What is Construction Litigation

There may come a time when you need to work with a construction lawyer. Knowing more about construction litigation and what construction litigation lawyers do…

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January 09

Why You Need an Alternative Dispute Resolution Lawyer

Many legal disputes are now frequently settled outside of the courtroom. In fact, before a judge hears the case, courts often mandate parties to participate…

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December 27

Zoning Laws: How a Commercial Real Estate Attorney Can Help

Gaining approval for a significant construction development takes planning and patience. One particularly challenging area in commercial real estate is understanding and abiding by local…

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December 09

5 Most Common Winter Commercial Construction Accidents

The challenges of construction intensify with the onset of winter. Developers always want their projects done as soon as possible and for crews to make…

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November 28

The Best Commercial Dispute Resolution Attorneys in San Antonio

Disputes in business are inevitable and inescapable. Sometimes figuring out how to resolve disagreements in business can seem overwhelming and impossible. Litigation is one route,…

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November 14

5 Steps for Choosing a Construction Accident Lawyer in San Antonio

Construction projects involve large numbers of professionals working together to build something meaningful. It could be a housing development, a mall, a stadium, an office…

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November 08

5 Elements of a Successful Commercial Real Estate Agreement

Every commercial real estate transaction, regardless of the type of property and its business purpose requires a contract. Whether for purchasing or leasing, certain elements…

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September 12

What Does a Telecommunication Lawyer Do?

In today’s digital world, telecommunications lawyers help clients address issues related to telecommunication services. Understanding the various legal implications of using telephones, cell phones, and…

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August 26

What to Look for in a Construction Law Firm

Construction projects are complicated endeavors with many of the same legal considerations found in large organizations. This complexity often leads to disagreements between the parties…

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August 12

Employment Law Updates

Employers in Texas are seeing some relief in 2022 from two years of pandemic-related shutdowns and other challenges from the nationwide spread of COVID-19. The…

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July 27

Fast-Track Arbitration: The Definitive Guide

Legal disputes vary significantly. It stands to reason, then, that there ought to be multiple ways of resolving these disputes. Not every case is suitable…

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July 19

2022 Construction Law Updates

Economic growth in Texas and across the nation drives activity in the construction industry. Businesses exist to build offices, factories, homes, and other structures. Sometimes…

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June 22

Construction Site Risk Management Guide

Construction is a vital industry that contributes to the growth and revitalization of cities located across the globe. It’s also an inherently dangerous industry due…

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May 31

Copyright Trolls: Tips for Dealing with Them

l Copyright trolls aren’t a novel problem. In fact, the first high-profile instance of copyright trolling took place in 2003 when the recording industry filed…

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May 19

Can You Receive Unemployment While on FMLA?

In April 2021, approximately 3.7 million Americans collected unemployment benefits according to the Department of Labor. By April 2022, that number had dropped to about…

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May 06

What Is Fidelity and Surety Law?

If a contractor fails to perform the work required by a construction contract, a surety bond can protect the client in the event of nonpayment….

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February 07

Who Needs Commercial Real Estate Lawyers

Buying a commercial property is a huge investment in time and money. Working with commercial real estate professionals is a great way to make sure…

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February 07

Commercial Litigation: What Is It?

When disputes between companies arise, sometimes the parties have no choice but to pursue legal recourse. Here’s our explainer on the ins and outs of…

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February 07

7 Most Common Construction Injuries

Working a construction job usually involves a lot of physical labor and demands alertness and quick reaction times. Though construction workers are often strong and…

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January 11

What Is the Difference Between Business Litigation and Commercial Litigation?

While the words business and commercial are often used interchangeably in the business world, distinct differences exist between business litigation and commercial litigation. Understanding these…

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