Construction Law Firm Insights: Are You Ready for the Rise in DOL Audits on Your Jobsite?

In response to the Biden Administration’s commitment to increasing oversight, the Department of Labor (DOL) is intensifying its audit efforts in various industries, notably in construction. A notable Dallas construction law firm, Cokinos | Young, recently reported that one of their general contractor clients experienced an impromptu inspection by a pair of DOL investigators. Although the contractor was found to be in compliance, the DOL proceeded to interview approximately 8-10 subcontractor employees during their thirty-minute visit. The investigators inquired about wage compliance, child labor, and overtime payments, focusing on direct questions to the workers rather than requesting to review any official postings or documentation on the premises.

Cokinos | Young, a premier construction law firm in Dallas, is actively counseling general contractors on the formulation of comprehensive policies for their site managers to effectively manage such unexpected DOL visits. The firm underscores the importance of preemptive measures, including specialized training for site personnel to ensure preparedness for any DOL inquiries. This proactive strategy is crucial for maintaining smooth operations and demonstrating compliance during these increased regulatory activities.

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