Another Win on Appeal: Houston Court Affirms Summary Judgment in $20+ Million Death Case

Another win on appeal! On May 30, 2024, the Houston (14th) Court of Appeals affirmed summary judgment for our clients—an oilfield services company, its parent company, and their holding company—in a $20+ million death case. Plaintiff filed suit in Harris County, Texas, as the surviving spouse of an employee who was involved in a fatal motor vehicle accident while driving a company crane truck in Oklahoma. The case involved choice of law issues under the Oklahoma Workers’ Compensation Act and Texas Workers’ Compensation Act. On July 30, 2022, the trial court granted our clients’ Motion for Summary Judgment based on the applicability of the Oklahoma Workers’ Compensation Act and its exclusive remedy provision.

Big congrats to Tony Golz for the huge win on appeal, and to the team of Parker Fauntleroy, Travis Brown, Roger Townsend, and Mitchell Powell for obtaining the summary judgment in the trial court.

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