Texas Mechanic’s Liens and Bonds

By David L. Tolin, Cokinos Young

This practice note explains Texas laws governing mechanic’s liens and bonds. Texas is home to relatively complex statutory frameworks for liens and bonds used to secure payment for services rendered, and you must be familiar with the statutes to provide effective counsel.

The practice note discusses:

  • The complex framework for liens on private construction projects in (If you represent contractors or subcontractors who supply labor and/or materials to such projects, statutory and constitutional liens provide powerful remedies for nonpayment— but only if the proper statutory guidelines are strictly observed.)
  • The requirements and benefits of bonding on public and private construction (Performance and payment bonds are frequently required on construction projects in Texas, and they provide protection for both owners and contractors (and subcontractors) in the event that payment or performance issues arise.

To read the full practice note, click here.

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