Meet Our 2023 Summer Associates

We look forward to our summer associates joining our C|Y family each year. Throughout the summer, we give them a glimpse into the learning, mentorship, collaboration and fun we share in and out of the office. We asked them why they chose Cokinos | Young. Here’s what they told us…

“I am interested in litigation and specifically want to learn more about different tort claims. I knew that at Cokinos | Young I would be able to get hands-on experience with these kinds of cases and would have the opportunity to learn from a variety of skilled attorneys.” Waverly Shannon | Baylor University School of Law

“I chose Cokinos | Young because of its growth, national recognition, and strong foundation of core principles. During my initial interview, I could feel the congenial energy and sense of purpose that permeates this firm. The culture strongly aligns with my values and commitment to constant growth. I cannot wait to get started!” Sammy Pendergast | South Texas College of Law

“The sense of community and world-class trial attorneys!” Julia Greer | University of Texas

“The quality of the people working at Cokinos | Young and my interest in pursuing construction law and oil and gas.” Cole Geist | Baylor University School of Law

“Prior to interviewing with CY, I had heard wonderful things about the firm’s culture, which was only solidified by the interviewing attorneys who were genuine, hardworking, and easy to connect with—all values I am searching for in a firm. Additionally, I have a passion for business law that has only continued to develop throughout my undergraduate business degree, internship experiences, and the Business Planning track at Baylor Law. The opportunity to work with the CY legal team offers a unique intersection between my passion for business law and my interest in construction law, all while furthering my experience within the legal field. “ Mac Meeker | Baylor University School of Law

“Construction law is something that I was interested in as soon as I entered law school. Cokinos Young provides the best opportunity to learn under great leaders and attorneys. Not only is the firm extremely successful but it is filled with like-minded individuals with drive and passion.

I chose this program because of the amount of useful information I’m going to obtain and I believe it’s the best opportunity for someone interested in construction law.” Blake Householder | South Texas College of Law

“I chose Cokinos | Young for my Summer Associate program because of its strong reputation for Construction and Real Estate law. I was also drawn to Cokinos | Young because it is well-known for its leadership and positive work environment. I look forward to gaining valuable experience from the attorneys at Cokinos | Young this summer and learning about different areas of law.” Abby Cheek | Texas Tech University School of Law

“The practice areas. My grandmother and my father inspired my interest in law.” Priscille Kazadi | University of Texas

“The attorneys at Cokinos | Young made me feel extremely welcome when I met them.  I knew that being a part of the Summer Associate Program would allow me to continue to pursue my area of interest in the construction industry and be in a place that would help me be the best-developing attorney I can be.” Allie Grubb | Texas A&M University School of Law

“I was a judicial intern in the Texas civil court system last summer, and I had the pleasure of seeing many of Houston’s top firms in action. Cokinos was respected across the board, and it was known as a strong Texas-rooted practice with national weight, impact, and expertise. I think of myself as a Texan with a global perspective, and I was attracted to Cokinos because I feel it mirrors those values. I see Cokinos as a growing practice with lots of opportunities.” Ray Dennison | South Texas College of Law

“I chose Cokinos | Young for my Summer Associate program because it is a well-recognized law firm that will surely foster professional growth. I was looking for a firm that would expose me to multiple practice areas, challenge me, and provide a welcoming work environment; I believe Cokinos | Young will do exactly that. I look forward to working with and learning from the Cokinos | Young team and am thrilled that I will get to do it in my hometown: San Antonio, TX.” Alexia Contreras De Castillo | Texas Tech University School of Law

“I am a proud Texas Aggie and grew up in an Aggie family, so I quickly realized how closely my values align with Cokinos | Young’s. And my love for competing in Moot Court competitions led me to Cokinos | Young as a firm with a reputation of excellence in commercial litigation and appellate litigation.” Morgan Wallace | South Texas College of Law

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