Houston Assistant Brandy Meyer one of the three Finalists for the Colleen Barrett Award for Administrative Excellence

Earlier this month, Houston Assistant Brandy Meyer made one of the three Finalists for the program’s most prestigious award, the Colleen Barrett Award for Administrative Excellence. This award celebrates the professional who best embodies the “spirit” and proficiency of one of the most admired (former) admin, Colleen Barrett, Legal Secretary turned President and COO of Southwest Airlines during her five-decade career at Southwest. Colleen personally selects the Finalists and Winners of the Award that bears her name. 

Brandy has served as Executive Assistant to our President and CEO Gregory Cokinos for the past 9 years. When asked to describe Brandy Gregory responded, “Brandy is the heartbeat of Cokinos | Young. She embodies and is a daily example of our core values of efficiency, attentive service, excellence, and family. Brandy has always demonstrated these values and goes above and beyond in all she does.”

Brandy, we are beyond proud of you, your hard work, and the leadership you carry in and out of the office. This award is much deserved and we love celebrating you!

See below for a few words some of our team and the full video of Gregory Cokinos wishing her a big congratulations.

“One of the most dedicated individuals I have ever met. She has a heart of gold and is one of the most detail-oriented administrative assistants I have ever known. She is truly irreplaceable.” – Marc Young

“Brandy is the essence of the employee that you can only hope and dream for as a lawyer. She is the first to volunteer and the last to make sure your tasks are accomplished. The true gift is the smile and attitude attached with each task.” – Stephanie O’Rourke

“Brandy is the complete professional. She possesses excellent clerical and organizational skills, but also is self-motivated and requires no supervision.” – Craig Power

“Brandy is simply a ball of energy with a smile and a nice word for all. Brandy has been a rock for many of us, personally and professionally” – Rob Naudin

“Brandy Meyer is not only an exceptional administrative professional, she is an exceptional person. She is intelligent, patient and has a kind heart. She has one of the most demanding jobs in the 􀃕rm, but she does it without hesitation and with a

smile. Despite the demands of her job, Brandy is always willing to help out others in the office. It has been an honor to work with and know Brandy Meyer.” -Tracy Glenn

“Obviously, a very busy desk she has – and she handles it very well, professionally and with smile on her face and a courtesy extended by very few these days.” – Kathleen Knuth

“She’s a big part of what makes this firm so special. We love her. She is deserving of the honor.” – Russell Smith

“I’m not sure there is anyone at the firm, let alone in an administrative position, that deals with more “fires” in a single day. The way Brandy is able to handle each situation with such patience, professionalism, and grace is truly impressive.” -Marshall Holmes

“I remember meeting Brandy for the first time on my second interview with the firm. I was nervous, but Brandy’s friendliness and kindness quickly put me at ease. After working with her for a few years now, nothing about my fist impression of Brandy 5 of 6 has changed. In fact, it has expanded. Her attitude is always upbeat regardless of the amount of stress she may be under or how little sleep, if any, she may have had the night before with her infant. She is incredibly dedicated and reliable, takes charge when needed, and never fails to offer assistance, direction, a kind word, or a big smile. All that said, what impresses me most about and makes me most envious of Brandy, is her boundless energy. She is one-of-a-kind and most deserving of this award.” – Erin Dumont

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