DOL Audits Are Increasing in the Construction Industry. Is Your Jobsite Prepared?

The DOL is making good on the Biden Administration’s promise of more audits and site visits throughout certain targeted industries, including construction. This week, a Cokinos | Young general contractor client got visited unannounced by two DOL Investigators. Although the general contractor had done nothing wrong according to the Investigators, they asked to speak with workers of multiple subs at the site. The DOL was on site for half an hour questioning around 8-10 sub employees. The DOL asked questions such as:

  • Are you being paid minimum wage?
  • Is anyone under the age of 14 working here?
  • Are you getting paid time-and-a-half for working over 40 hours in a week?

The investigators did not ask to see any jobsite postings or documentation. Cokinos | Young is advising all general contractors to implement a standard policy for site managers on how to handle such DOL audits and to also implement training about such situations. It is imperative to be proactive so your team is well equipped to handle random visits from the DOL.

If you need assistance in preparing your jobsite, the Cokinos | Young Labor and Employment Team is ready to assist. Contact our office at 713-535-5500 or by filling out the form below.

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