Construction Contract Clauses: What the CPA Needs to Understand

Stephanie O’Rourke, with the help of Travis Riley, hosted a webinar for the Construction Industry CPAs/Consultants Association (CICPAC) about what CPAs need to understand in regards to construction contract clauses. The webinar covered the following discussion topics:

  • Pricing & Payment
  • Scope of Work
  • Change Orders
  • Risk Shifting Provisions
    • Indemnities
    • Limits of Liability
    • Paid If Paid (Subcontracts)
  • Warranties
  • Lien Waivers
  • Financial Security & Audits
  • Litigation Update
  • AIA 2017 Update

These are only highlights of her extremely informative webinar. For more information and to get the full presentation, please contact Stephanie directly at or 210-293-8714.

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