What is Construction Litigation

There may come a time when you need to work with a construction lawyer. Knowing more about construction litigation and what construction litigation lawyers do can help you decide if this is the type of legal professional you need. Below, we’ll explain what construction litigation is and common case types to help you make the right choice.

What Is Construction Litigation?

Construction litigation is an area of the law concerning any legal disputes that arise from a construction project. This involves both agreements made regarding the construction project and claims of injury or wrongful death as a result of negligent behavior during the construction project. Construction litigation is done through civil lawsuits involving private parties, not criminal prosecution. It’s common for construction companies to need construction litigation lawyers at some point to help them handle disputes.

Types of Construction Litigation Disputes

There are a few different types of common construction litigation disputes. One of the most common cases is that of a contract dispute. With a contract dispute, two or more parties involved with the construction project disagree about the terms of an agreed-upon contract. For example, two parties may disagree about the quality of completed work, which leads to a dispute over the amount of payment required.

Another common construction litigation dispute involves negligence. In a negligence case, a private party may pursue legal action against the construction company if they feel there are defects in the completed project or if there is an injury during the construction process. For example, a business owner may discover defective materials used during construction after they have moved into their new building.

Other types of construction litigation cases may include those involving mold or non-payment. In all cases, construction litigation deals with the parties involved in a construction project working to find a resolution either through a settlement or by going to court.

What Does a Construction Litigation Lawyer Do?

A construction litigation lawyer is a legal professional with experience in construction litigation. They are familiar with the terms associated with construction projects and the types of cases that arise from these projects. A construction litigation lawyer works on behalf of their client to secure the best possible outcome. For example, a construction litigation lawyer working on behalf of a business may work to ensure that the business pays a lower amount than agreed upon to the construction company due to a missed deadline.

To argue their case, the construction litigation lawyer will collect facts about the case and prepare the best possible argument. This may involve reading over contracts, studying previous case law, or interviewing witnesses. In more complex cases, the construction litigation attorney may work alongside a team to help ensure they cover every aspect of the case.

Find a Construction Lawyer in Houston

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