The Best Commercial Dispute Resolution Attorneys in San Antonio

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Disputes in business are inevitable and inescapable. Sometimes figuring out how to resolve disagreements in business can seem overwhelming and impossible. Litigation is one route, but not always the best one, as it can be time-consuming, expensive, and lead to unpredictable or unmanageable outcomes.

Alternative dispute resolution attorneys offer their experience in the law and negotiation techniques to help parties in commercial disputes find resolutions without the frustration and risk of a lawsuit. If you seek a San Antonio alternative dispute resolution lawyer, consider Cokinos | Young. Our team has extensive experience in using less adversarial and more collaborative methods for resolving business disputes fairly, including arbitration in all its forms and mediation. 

When Businesses Disagree

Businesses encounter disputes and disagreements in many contexts, and these disputes often take various forms. For example, many companies argue over the interpretation of words in a contract. If they cannot agree, the matter may result in parties asking a judge to decide instead based on existing law and precedents. Beyond contracts, business law can also produce disagreements over areas such as taxes, terms of employment, insurance coverage, product liability, labor and employment, partnership provisions, securities transactions, unfair competition, anti-trust regulations, simple transactions, and many others.

Resolving Business Disagreements

In the midst of a dispute, as emotions run high, there may be a tendency to want to rush to court to file a lawsuit. Cases may eventually have to go there, but sometimes it makes sense to explore ways of resolving disagreements without incurring the time and cost of a lawsuit. Ultimately, professionals have many ways of ending their quarrels even without involving an attorney. Simple and determined negotiation between parties can lower the temperature and help put the dispute to bed. If that doesn’t work, other options are available short of a lawsuit.

How Alternative Dispute Resolution Works

ADR allows parties to come together to resolve disagreements without resorting to expensive and drawn-out lawsuits. In arbitration, a neutral third party or neutral panel listens to the parties’ positions, following a more relaxed set of rules of evidence, and then provides an opinion on how to end the fighting. By contrast, in mediation, an impartial third party works directly with parties to help narrow their differences and suggest ways to structure potential settlements. Terms of arbitration and mediation may vary from case to case, as some decisions may be binding while others are appealable to a court.

The San Antonio, Texas, alternative dispute resolution attorney team at Cokinos | Young applies its expertise to help businesses reach cost-effective and fair resolutions separately from litigation. Representative areas of experience in alternative dispute resolution include cases involving commercial, industrial, residential and highway construction, employment, real estate, lender liability, commercial fraud, deceptive trade practices, intellectual property, contract issues, personal injury, and insurance coverage. In this area, there is no substitute for experience. Attorneys at Cokinos | Young also serve as national trainers in the ADR field and are sought-after speakers at local and national seminars.

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