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Comprehensive suite of sophisticated legal services provided to all industries. Same firm, same standard, expanded reach.

Structure Attorneys

Cokinos | Young is long known for construction law, but the firm also has a long history of providing sophisticated business transactional services in corporate, real estate, employment, and intellectual property law. Throughout the life of the firm, we have adapted to and evolved with our clients’ needs. Now, thirty years later, our non-litigation services have evolved into a comprehensive suite of sophisticated legal services provided to all industries, including real estate, hospitality, technology, healthcare, and others. This suite of legal services is now called STRUCTURE.

C|Y attorneys are trained and have the expertise to design the form and shape of successful businesses and the specific business transactions that come up during the company’s life span. Our attorneys calculate the stability, strength, and rigidity of each facet of our clients’ businesses – from corporate structure, tax structure, employment structure, intellectual property ownership, etc. These structural legal designs and strategies are integrated with those of other advisors such as accountants, insurance consultants, and finance partners.

Our approach to business law is based upon our uncommon legal acumen and empirical knowledge of the performance of different legal designs and implementations. Often our attorneys of various disciplines work together to devise a number of relatively simple structural concepts to build a complex yet efficient and effective business foundation. Our attorneys have the capability and track record for making creative and efficient use of our clients’ available resources in order to achieve our clients’ goals.

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