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texas construction lawyers

Construction is our business too. The legal team at C|Y represents clients across the construction spectrum and at varying stages as we prepare for and respond to the increasing demands of the industry. No stranger to complex contracts or disputes, we work with businesses to keep the ball moving forward, while also protecting from liabilities.  We take great pride in our reputation within the TEXO community as efficient and knowledgeable, with a culture of integrity and zealous advocacy. We value the relationships we have with our clients, past, present, and future and we are always a phone call away.

Part of how we approach business advice is to forecast future needs. The election brought changes to government and contractors planning more public work should be mindful of the traps in public contracting. The law evolves on how to protect payments, protect work, and protect your bottom line. We can work with you to ensure you are protected in the new laws affecting public works and guide you through payment resolution with the state or local entities. Private companies can also benefit from our approach to early dispute resolution and avoidance. Our experience includes contracts, defects, liens, payments, bodily injury, insurance, employment, and restructuring (and some more).

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