Meet Our 2024 Summer Associates

We look forward to our summer associates joining our C|Y family each year. Throughout the summer, we give them a glimpse into the learning, mentorship, collaboration and fun we share in and out of the office. We asked some of them why they chose Cokinos | Young. Here’s what they told us…

“I wanted to spend my summer at a firm where I could work on meaningful assignments and where I could participate at all levels in the litigation process. I also was very impressed with every attorney that I talked with throughout the interview process.” David Griffiths | BYU Law School

“I chose Cokinos | Young for my Summer Associate program because of the unique opportunity it offers to immediately immerse myself in litigation experience and make meaningful contributions to the firm’s work. I’m excited by the prospect of working alongside experienced mentors across a wide range of practice areas, gaining valuable insights and honing my skills. Additionally, the people I’ve met from Cokinos | Young have been incredibly welcoming and easy to talk to, fostering a culture of collaboration and mentorship that I find truly inspiring.” Luca Azzariti Crousillat | University of Texas Law

“After my interview, I knew that Cokinos | Young was full of the type of people I wanted to work with. I could tell my interviewers loved their work, had energy and excitement for Cokinos | Young, and genuinely cared about their peers and clients.” Jake Walsh | Baylor University School of Law

“I chose Cokinos | Young because of the work culture and the people who create such an amazing work environment. Everyone genuinely enjoys working with each other and from what I have seen, people view themselves as friends first and co-workers second. This is a culture I know I can thrive in since I will be pushed to work hard but there will always be someone who can answer my questions.” Tuscan Savarino | University of Houston Law Center

“My interest in the field of construction law initially led me to explore the opportunities that Cokinos | Young had to offer. Once I was able to meet some members of the team, I was immediately impressed with the company culture. It was clear to me that the environment was one where I would have the ability to expand my knowledge of the legal world and gain invaluable real-world experience. At the same time, I felt that it was an environment that would encourage personal growth and cultivate a strong network.” Christine Tschirhart | St. Mary’s University School of Law

“I chose Cokinos because of their stellar reputation as construction litigators. I wanted to venture into the field of construction law because my interest peaked at an early age from watching my dad build his construction business from the ground up.” Fernanda Izquierdo Valdes | St. Mary’s University School of Law

“They are the best firm in the construction industry.” Molly Margraves | Texas A&M School of Law 2025

“I initially pursued a civil engineering degree in my undergraduate studies because I was passionate about bringing projects to life. However, I soon realized that math and science were not my true calling. Nonetheless, in a different capacity, Cokinos | Young plays a vital role in bringing various construction projects to life through its legal expertise. That’s why I chose Cokinos | Young for my summer associate program; their work aligns with my passion for contributing to impactful projects!” Stefanos Eugenis | Regent University

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