Client Win- Lone Star Sealing Technologies, Inc. v. HTX Products, Inc.

Charles Getman, James Richards, Shannon Gatlin, Kristen Wheeler

Our client, based in the United Kingdom and doing business stateside as HTX Products, is a large distributor of gaskets for us in the oil and gas industry. Its competitor, Lone Star Products, filed suit based on HTX’s hiring former employees of Lone Star. Lone Star asserted a variety of claims centered around the non-compete/non-solicitation agreements of the former employees. At mediation, Lone Star demanded north of $2,000,000.00. While our client wanted a quick resolution, Lone Star refused to negotiate and thus the matter proceeded to a temporary injunction hearing where Charles Getman did a masterful job of making Lone Star’s President fall apart on the stand so as to over-reach for relief beyond what the non-compete’s allowed for. The Court DENIED Lone Star’s TI on the spot – a far cry from the “strong position” Lone Star boasted at mediation. Equipped with the sworn testimony from the TI hearing, Charles sent a settlement demand to opposing counsel (Greenberg Traurig) citing the testimony as detrimental and offering what one could only classify as nominal cost of defense which Lone Star had no choice but to accept. Lone Star’s President, the same President who had been cross examined by Charles, even called our client once the agreement was finalized to admit Charles has destroyed him on the stand and completely out-schooled the Lone Star lawyers. It is safe to say, we have a thrilled client who within weeks went from paying millions to a near complete victory thanks to the skilled work of our team. Well done!

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