5 Steps for Choosing a Construction Accident Lawyer in San Antonio

construction accident lawyer in san antonio

Construction projects involve large numbers of professionals working together to build something meaningful. It could be a housing development, a mall, a stadium, an office building, or another large project. Unfortunately, not every project goes off perfectly. 

Sometimes accidents happen that result in injuries or death. As a result, parties involved in the project, such as owners, general contractors, project managers, or others, may need the advice and counsel of a construction accident lawyer and a construction accident law firm.

Deciding which counsel to retain is a critical decision for organizations facing lawsuits over construction accidents. Here are five steps to follow in choosing a construction accident law firm for legal representation, and how Cokinos | Young can help.

Recognize and Identify the Problem

Construction accident litigation can touch on several different types of law. The first step in choosing a construction accident lawyer in San Antonio and other cities is to analyze the incident to understand what kind of lawyer can help. Areas commonly touched on in construction accidents are personal injury law, surety law, insurance coverage expertise, and government compliance. Cokinos | Young is a full-service firm offering all relevant practice areas.

Seek Referrals

Word-of-mouth remains a powerful way of identifying attorneys with relevant experience. Consult with colleagues, friendly partners, family, industry trade associations, or bar associations for recommendations. Build up a preliminary pool of potential attorneys, as the first choice may not be the best choice. Ask referrers many questions about their experiences.

Consult Rankings and Directories

Another source of information to add to the candidate pool are legal referral sources. Many companies publish listings of recommended construction accident lawyers based on feedback from peers and clients. These directories may be able to identify well-regarded attorneys in particular specialties in specific jurisdictions. Cokinos | Young has multiple Chambers USA and AV-rated attorneys and handles matters throughout the state of Texas, as well as nationally and globally. 

Conduct Additional Research

Review the attorneys’ bios, which usually list representative matters that can further showcase relevant experience. Conduct additional research using publicly available sources to learn more about the attorneys. Check disciplinary databases maintained by bar associations.

Interview Candidates

Schedule a consultation with a few of the candidate attorneys. This initial meeting involves the mutual sharing of information, about the case and the firm alike, that may help point to a final choice. Clients deserve clear, prompt, and consistent communication about their issues, a hallmark of Cokinos | Young. Clear communication leads to trust, which can help lead to positive outcomes.

Well known for leadership in construction law since 1989, Cokinos | Young offers legal services that are delivered with a commitment to efficiency, value, and client service. In today’s complex and constantly changing business environment, Cokinos | Young uses practical experience and pragmatic approaches to manage serious legal challenges, such as those in construction accidents. Clients benefit from their extensive experience on a wide range of construction projects in both the public and private sectors. Call or contact Cokinos | Young online to schedule a consultation.

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